stkslsc MEMBRS 08-09 1St Kilda Life Saving Club is a non-for-profit that is entirely run by volunteers. Founded in 1914, we occupy a central location in one of the premier tourist areas of Melbourne, on Victoria’s most popular beach.

We’ll be there… for the community

The St Kilda Life Saving Club runs solely on the generosity of its volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure our beaches are safe, along with the support Port Phillip City Council who recognise the value and importance of providing this essential service for the community.

In 2012-13, St Kilda Life Saving Club was fortunate enough to secure funding for the redevelopment of the St Kilda Life Saving Clubhouse. This included the decommissioning and safe disposal of the original asbestos built club and replacing it with a building that would allow St Kilda’s lifesavers to serve the community to the best of their abilities.

St Kilda Life Saving Club would like to thank Life Saving Victoria and the Victorian Government, the Stokehouse and the City of Port Phillip for their contributions and support in reaching this milestone achievement.

…to keep our beach safe

St Kilda Lifesavers patrol St Kilda Beach every weekend and public holiday in summer from November until Easter from 12noon to 5pm or 6pm. 

…to connect, support and educate our community

St Kilda Lifesaving Club trains new members in their Bronze Medallion every year including skills in first aid, CPR and beach management.

…to win

St Kilda Life Saving Club has a proud record of sporting success in surfboat rowing and other surf sports. We regularly spend our mornings at the clubhouse training and we compete all over the country (and beyond!).

…for each other

St Kilda Life Saving Club prides itself on being a supportive environment for all levels of participation. We hold a series of social events every year that help us to connect as a membership and with our local community. 

… will you be there?

If you are interested in joining St Kilda Lifesaving Club or becoming a lifesaver please visit our Contact Us page and send through an online form with your enquiry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve excellence in all our endeavours. To uphold our values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, diversity and service to our members, supporters and the community. We aim to foster individuals through lifesaving training and competition in alignment with shared values and their goals. Our core business is serving our community and honouring traditions built over 100 years of life saving at St Kilda Beach.