Club Sponsorship

Why Sponsor SKLSC?

Surf Life Saving is an Australian icon – recognised in Australia and around the world as a symbol of the Australian spirit. The image of “The Bronzed Aussie Life Saver” is instantly recognisable to all in this country, and for many overseas is one of the first things they associate with
the idea of Australia. Corporations, businesses and organisations across the country utilise this recognition to successfully associate themselves and their products or services to the idea of being part of the Australian way of life, a healthy, active and vital part of the great outdoors.

We believe that a range of sponsorship opportunities exist within the structure and activities of the club. Examples include:

  1. A permanent fixture outside the club (a boat or sign) dial b4 u dig boat
  2. Signage on the patrol shelters (on the beach every weekend and public holiday during summer).
  3. On social media – our facebook group, page and website
  4. Signage on our competition boats, oars, trailer and other equipment (which is exposed to commuters all over the state). Also, every year the Australian Surf Lifesaving Titles (channel 9)  are televised across Australia to millions of viewers.

Additionally, St Kilda Life Saving Club is able to offer the services of our members as participants in promotional activities such as sample distribution, corporate presentations or other activities. Some of these activities could take place during life saving patrols (subject to time constraints – unable to affect our lifesaving obligations).

(Dial Before You Dig Boat image above courtesy of Andy Berry Photography)

Where do the sponsorship dollars go?

St Kilda Life Saving Club has a wide range of activities and operations that will all benefit from sponsorship support. As stated earlier, surf lifesaving is predominately self funded, receiving little Government financial support. Sponsorships, donations and the goodwill of members and supporters are the life blood of our existence.

All sponsorship funding goes to the club and is used to run and equip the club in both lifesaving and competition activities.

Areas of lifesaving services expenditure include:

  1. New life saving aids and equipment
  2. New training equipment
  3. Uniforms
  4. Association fees – Club registration
  5. Insurance
  6. Administration costs (software, accounting services)
  7. Member training courses
  8. Clubhouse maintenance costs

Areas of competition expenditure include:

  1. Entry fees
  2. Travel, accommodation assistance & subsidies
  3. Transport of equipment
  4. Maintenance of facilities and equipment

Hidden Tax Benefit:

The Australian Taxation Office has classified the St Kilda Surf Life Saving Club as a donatable gift recipient (DGR). Therefore all monetary donations to the club are 100% tax deductible.

To make a sponsorship enquiry please visit General Enquiries and fill our the enquiry form provided.

Current Sponsors

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